Black Friday? Make it a Green Friday.

Planning to hit the Black Friday sales this week?  Why not change the color and the impact, and make it a Green Friday instead?

Here are a few ideas to help you make this holiday shopping season green:

  • Make donations to honor someone.  Consider making a donation in a loved one’s name.  Here are some organizations we love and support.
  • Give time or skill, not stuff.  How about a gift of date-night babysitting, a home cooked meal, lawn mowing, or laundry for a month?  Or if you have a special skill like gardening, massage, scrap-booking, video editing, or musical skill, how about giving a gift of one of those talents?  Who doesn’t want their family pictures finally organized?
  • Buy gently used.  Wonderful and less-expensive presents are easy to find in consignment stores, used bookstores, online, and even in thrift stores, and you’ll give an item a second life instead of a ticket to the landfill.  If you’re looking online, Craigslist, Freecycle, and eBay are good places to start.
  • Upcycle.  If you’re handy, buy presents at thrift stores and spruce them up a little.  See this site for some creative inspiration and guides to upcycling just about anything you can think of!
  • Buy sustainably-made products.  Look for products made with recycled or renewable materials.  Steer clear as much as you can of plastics, and instead go for gifts made from natural, organic materials.  Another way to reduce impact is to buy items that will last, and can be handed down to others in good shape.  When buying for kids, check out Healthy Stuff to make sure that your gifts are free of toxic chemicals.
  • When you go shopping, remember your reusable bags, take public transportation if you can, and have fun!