Upcycle those toy books into a “letter” to Santa

Tis the season for toy catalogs and commercials galore – here is an idea to help your kids avoid the “gotta have it all” attitude and reuse some of toy books at the same time!

Rather than resisting the catalogs, allow your child to look through the pages and think about what they really might like.  Ask them what toys their siblings, friends and family might like.  This can lead to some great conversations! Then, depending on your child’s age, either allow them to cut out the toys they are most interested in receiving, or have an adult provide some assistance.

Once the pile of toy pictures is complete, recycle the remaining catalog and begin the process of “editing”.  Decide on an acceptable size for child’s wish list/letter to Santa.  Explain that if all the toys that were cut from the catalog don’t fit, then choices need to be made.  This allows your child to really think about what he wants and get creative arranging the pictures into a collage.  When the list is complete, if a new picture comes along it needs to be pasted on top of an existing picture.

A Santa collage allows younger kids who wouldn’t be able to read a written letter to Santa to see what they have chosen for their list.

Do you write letters to Santa with your kids?