Green resolution: Stop idling your car at school

For those of you living in colder climates it might sound like a challenge this time of year, but we hope you’ll consider this green resolution for 2012:  Stop idling your car, especially at school.

Idling your car is detrimental in many ways.  It’s hard on your car, it releases greenhouse gases, wastes gas, costs you money, and creates health hazards.  Idling near schools is especially dangerous, as young lungs are more vulnerable to asthma and other diseases caused by poor air quality. For these reasons, the Environmental Defense Fund urges us to turn off our engines after 10 seconds of idling.

If you’ve already kicked the idling habit, consider using this “It’s Not Cool to Idle at School” toolkit from the Oregon Environmental Council.  It was created to help 5th to 8th grade students launch campaigns to end idling at their schools.

We thought that this video made by elementary school students sums it up nicely!