Cutters X40 Gloves C-TACK Revolution tested

I had no idea that Cutter’s gloves even existed before I started this website.  Whenever you watch a football game on TV it’s actually pretty hard to see what type of gloves the players are wearing.  The big names like Nike, Under Armour, Reebok, Adidas and Riddell get most of the best players and have much larger advertising budget.

These gloves have gotten great reviews on, so I decided to try them out.  The C-Tack material is extremely sticky when we first tried them on so I had high hopes for the testing process.Check best soccer ball pumps

We got a large pair of gloves, but they felt a little tight. Besides that they were very comfortable. The weather was actually pretty bad when we tested the gloves and it was raining quite a bit.  We felt that was good because it would really show if the gloves are helpful and make a difference.  On to the testing!

The gloves helped, but we still had a hard time catching in the rain. We were just above 50% without the gloves but we still reached 69% while wearing the X40s so it was a great improvement.  I think we would have made a ton of catches is we had great conditions.  But if we were able to make 7 out of 10 catches on game day, the gloves are well worth the price.