What does disposition mean?

What does disposition mean? It means to have a look at the characteristic attitude of the mood of a person that is predominant or prevailing in certain circumstances.

Noun: -redisposition

Adjective: –dispositional

Sentence Examples: –

  •         The man-made look old, but he has a wonderful disposition, and he continues to elicit a lot of good behavior amongst the neighborly kids.
  •         Your current situation in life may entitle you to become very gloomy and your disposition may seem to be something that is infectious to people; it is very important for you to stay positive for the betterment of others.
  •         Always remember that having a wonderful disposition ensures that you spread that cheer amongst all the other people that would really require some form of encouragement.
  •         When you have a very inquisitive disposition, you can find yourself seeking the job of a detective. You have the perfect in born talent and the natural inclination for the job.

·         When I came across the bull, I found it to have a very pleasant disposition.

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